Read Card Details

You can use your Fina Card for purchase like a normal, virtual Visa card by entering your card number, expiry date and CVV code for online purchases, or adding the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone to purchase at POS.

To check your card number and other sensitive information, click on "Details" next to "Card Info"

Next, click on the Eye icon next to the title "Sensitive Information". You will be prompted to sign a message with your Keplr or Fina Wallet. Don't worry it will not cost any gas fee. After signing the message you should be able to see your card details including card number, CVV and 3DS password you set when creating your card.

On the right side of the modal you can see your card spending limit. We set a low spending limit for each card during BETA phase. If you need to increase the limit, reach out to us at and we will review in a case-by-case bases.

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