FINA token will be launched to acquire economic value for this project. It is essential to the success of the project that FINA generates revenue, rewards users and adds value to the token. There are several value accrual factors which will generate positive incentives.

Demands for Fina Card Tier

Taking reference from Crypto.com’s model, to acquire a Fina Card, users would have to stake a certain amount of FINA tokens for a lock-up period of 6 months, after which the user will be required to maintain the staking amount in order to enjoy the benefits of the tier. As a reference, acquiring a Sliver card would require a staking of $2,000 USD worth of FINA tokens.

Requirement for the Reward Program

Taking reference from credit card reward programmes, merchants who want to promote their products to Fina card users would have to purchase Fina tokens. The purchased tokens will then be distributed as spending rewards to the users who spent in the merchants with Fina card. For example, hardware wallet provider Ledger can offer a 10% rebate to buyers who have made a purchase with a Fina card. Those rebates will be honored in the form of FINA tokens and Ledger has to purchase FINA tokens for this purpose.

Fiat-Defi integrations

Fina intends to pioneer arms length widgets that handle fiat on/off-ramps into Secret Network, if not the IBC ecosystem via Fina Card. This brings more capital into the app and the ecosystem. Certain user interaction in on/off-ramps would require a fee paid in the form of Fina tokens.

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