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    You can earn staking rewards by delegating your staking token (eg, SCRT on Secret Network) to validators. To start earning rewards, go to Staking screen to check and manage your staking position. Please be reminded that staking your tokens comes with a unbonding period of 14-28 days, depend on the network (eg, 21 days on Secret Network), during which you cannot sell or transfer your tokens! Learn more about staking Here
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    Click on "Delegate" to start delegating your tokens. Enter the amount of token you want to delegate. By default validator will be selected. If you wish you can change to other validator by clicking the validator button. Hint: you can enable Auto Restake by clicking the toggle. Your rewards will be automatically claimed and delegate to the same validator to maximize your staking rewards.
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    Confirm your transaction just like when you are transferring tokens

Claim Rewards

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    To claim your staking rewards, simply click on "Claim" button in the Staking page to claim rewards from all validators, or click on the validator under "Delegated" and select "Claim Rewards" in the drop down menu to claim from specific validator


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    To retrieve your staked tokens, you can "Undelegate" from the validator. There will be a 14-28 days unbonding period after undelegating.


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    If you want to change a validator, you don't need to undelegate your tokens. Instead you can "Redelegate" them to other validator.

Enable/ Disable Auto Restaking

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    To maximize your return on investment, you can enable auto restaking. Your staking rewards will be reinvested and staked to the same validator. This allows you to earn compound interest which will be higher than the standard staking APR.