Misc Settings

Change Network

You can switch network from Secret Network to other IBC chains we support like Osmosis, Stargaze, Juno, etc. Click on the top left network icon on Home page or go to Settings page to switch network.

When switching network for the first time, you are required to enter your password (or use FaceID) again. This is to generate an address for the network you switched to and you do not have to do it the next time.

Change Account

Fina Wallet allows you to have multiple account (wallets) in the same device. You can click on your wallet nickname on Home page or go to Settings page to do that.

If you already have multiple accounts on Fina Wallet, you can switch account by clicking it. If not, you can click the top right button and create/ import new accounts. From there, follow the same steps states in Create/ Import Wallet

Lock Screen Settings

For security and privacy purpose, you can set a lock screen for Fina Wallet. There are 3 lock screen modes you can choose from

  1. On Background - lock screen will be shown when your app runs on background

  2. On App Start - lock screen will be shown when you first open the app.

  3. Off - no lock screen will be shown

Biometric Authentication

If you enable Biometric Authentication, you can use your FaceID instead of password to sign transactions or unlock the app from lock screen.

View Seed Phrase

If you want to view your seed phrase, you can do that in the Settings page by clicking "View Seed Phrase". You will have to enter your password again to see that.

Change Password

You can change your password anytime by clicking "Change Password" on Settings page

Delete Account

You can delete your account from Fina Wallet by clicking "Delete Account" on Settings page. Your account will still exist on chain and you can import your account to Fina Wallet or other wallets again if you have your seed phrase. Please remember to back up your seed phrase before deleting an account. No one can recover your wallet and assets if you lose your seed phrase!

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