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For Developers

Integration with dApps

To detect if users are accessing your dApp on Fina, you can check if the following object exist.
If this is undefined that means user is not accessing your dApp via Fina Wallet's in-app browser.
Fina Wallet exposes the same API as Keplr. So if your dApp supports Keplr, it should be working on Fina Wallet out of the box. You can check Keplr's API documentation here
Besides, the window.fina object is just a pointer to window.keplr so the underlying methods and properties will be the same

Deep Linking

If you want to redirect users from your dApp to Fina Wallet, you can use the following deep link
If you want to redirect users to your dApp directly on Fina's in-app browser, you can use the following deep link
There are 2 url parameters in the deep link
  1. 1.
    network - the chain ID of the network your dApp is connecting to
  2. 2.
    url - your dApp's URL-encoded url
Example (provided by SCRT Labs here)
const urlSearchParams = new URLSearchParams();
urlSearchParams.append("network", "secret-4");
urlSearchParams.append("url", window.location.href);`fina://wllet/dapps?${urlSearchParams.toString()}`, "_blank");