Top Up Balance

Top Up Fina Card

You can top up your card with cryptocurrencies by clicking the "Top Up" button in the home page.

Select the asset you want to top-up your card and enter the amount. Fina will charge 1% of the top-up amount as fee.

There is a minimum and maximum top-up amount and the value will be adjusted from time to time

After entering a valid amount and click "Top Up", you will be prompted to sign a transaction to send us the top-up asset. Your card balance will be increased after the transaction is sent.

Top Up Fail

If for whatever reason, your top-up transaction is sent but your card balance is not increased, you can retrieve your top up by clicking "Top Uo failed? Retrieve it here" at the bottom of the top up modal.

Enter the transaction hash and click "Confirm" and your balance should be increased. If it still does not work for you, please create a ticket at

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